BioArt: Is It Art? Is It Science? Is It The Future?



When artist Eduardo Kac presented Alba, a genetically engineered fluorescent rabbit, to the world in 2000 and dubbed her “transgenic art,” it stirred up a great deal of controversy: Was “GFP Bunny” truly an art form? Was this type of genetic modification — in the name of art — ethical?

Bioart, a term coined by Kac, aims to provoke social discussion. Pushing the envelope like this is nothing new in the art world — from da Vinci to Duchamp, artists throughout history have often traversed new, controversial territories to awaken social consciousness, encourage thought-provoking conversation and address pressing existential questions. Though there is some speculation on a precise definition, the label “bioart” serves as an umbrella term for the use of living tissues, bacteria and organisms in creating intriguing –- and often shocking -– works of art. Read more…

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