In Just a Single MInute, Here Are All That Happens on the Internet

Just how much can you get done in a single minute – probably just a quick task or two, if you’re lucky. It’s often hard enough to get everything you need done in a 6-8 hour work shift, let alone a minute or two. One thing I’m often saying to myself is, “is it that time already?” or “where did the time go?”

Just thinking about how there never seems to be enough time in my day makes it kind of hard to believe all that happens on the Internet, in just a single minute. We all know that during huge events like award shows and sports games, we often hear that there were thousands of tweets sent per minute. Surprisingly, that’s just a small percentage of the things happening on the Internet during that time.

What Happens in an Internet Minute InfographicThe infographic above takes a look at everything that happens in “an Internet Minute” in regards to social networking, website visits, app downloads, emails sent, dollars spent and more. It’s really compelling to see the millions of things that are happening each minute as we do little things here and there. It really puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

What Happens in an Internet Minute | Daily Infographic

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