12 Gaming-Inspired Wallpapers to Spruce Up Your Desktop

Take a look at your desktop. Is it looking a little bland? A little sad? Is it — say it isn’t so — covered in unused icons?

Don’t you think it’s about time you cleaned that mess up?

You spend a lot of time on your computer, so that background image is going to get a lot of views. So really, what do you want to look at all day? A close up shot of tulips? A beach that you’ve never been to? Your kids? Psh. Bo-ring. (Just kidding, I’m sure your kids are adorable.)

But in case you did want to spruce up your desktop a bit with something a bit more fun, here are some awesome gaming-inspired desktop wallpapers to update your screen real estate.

1. Retro Gameboy

Retro Gameboy Wallpaper

Relive the days of gaming past.

2. Is it “BioShock”? Is it “Portal”? There’s no need to decide.

Just download it and enjoy the best of both worlds.

3. Quotable “PacMan”

Pac Man Wallpaper

Because these are words that should be remembered for all time.

“PacMan” fans should also check out this cool “Tron”-inspired version.

4. A “Portal” Aperture Labs Terminal Screen

My Wallpaper

This desktop serves two purposes: Your gamer friends will appreciate the reference, and your non-gamer friends will think your computer is super important and won’t touch it.

Love “Portal” but don’t dig that design? Here’s another cool option.

5. A “Fallout: New Vegas” Vault Boy

Vault boy wallpaper

Because gritty in-game posters are always the coolest gaming art.

5. A “Mass Effect” Spectrum of Alien Races

Thane, Liara, Tali and Wrex were better friends than your IRL group anyway.

6. An 8-bit Timescape

8Bit Day - Wallpaper

OK, this one is super cool. With some minimal set up, your desktop will change based on the time. Head over to the Imgur page for the download and setup instructions.

7. Mario Close-up

Mario is ready for his close-up, Mr. DeMille.

Other awesome Mario options include this gritty version, this closeup version featuring Toad or this creepy version of the pipe plants.

8. Russian Nesting Doll “Pokémon”

Grass Type Wallpaper

It’s like “Pokémon” meets “Inception.”

Not impressed? Try this Tim Burton/Pokémon mashup.

9. A “Far Cry 3” Landscape

Because the clichéd beach scene is so boring.

10. A “Tetris” High Score


You’re about to score so many points with this one. Download it here.

11. An Infinite Amount of “Bioshock” options. Get it?

You may have to do a bit of cropping, but this Rapture/Columbia landscape is just too cool to pass up.

BioShock fans sure do love their wallpapers. Other options include not one, but two Big Daddy/Little Sister options, as well as an excellent Andrew Ryan quote. Would you kindly pick your favorite?

12. “Space Invaders” Schemes

space invaders

Like their plan of attack, this one keeps it nice and simple.

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