Samsung is testing a Galaxy S5 running Tizen

Samsung finally made its first ever smartphone running Tizen official at the beginning of this month. That said, the Samsung Z may not be the only Tizen-powered handset to arrive from the Korean behemoth this year.

According to an Indian import tracking website, three units of a Galaxy S5 model running Tizen have recently made it to Samsung for testing purposes.

Now this may be nothing, or it may signify that Samsung is getting ready to release a variation of the Galaxy S5 that comes with Tizen preinstalled.

The price of each testing unit of this Tizen-running Galaxy S5 is said to be INR 54,404, which is a lot – around $905, to be exact. But that could be lowered if such a device is ever going to be sold.

Other details aren't available yet. And unless more information about the Galaxy S5 with Tizen gets leaked, you probably shouldn't view this as certainly coming to market.

Compared to the Samsung Z, the Galaxy S5 has a bigger and more pixel-packed screen, a higher-res rear camera, a processor that's clocked 200 MHz higher, and a battery that has 200 mAh of extra capacity. So it's not like there wouldn't be a place in Samsung's portfolio for a device running Tizen yet sporting the S5's specs.

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RIP Orkut: Google to Shut Down Its First Social Network



Before there was Google+ or even Google Buzz, there was Orkut, Google’s first social network.

Google launched Orkut in January 2004, after attempting to acquire Friendster, the hot social network of the time. Orkut gained some traction in Brazil, but never really caught on in the United States. The month after it launched, Facebook went online at Harvard and gradually came to dominate the social networking space

On Monday, Google announced that it plans to shut down Orkut on Sept. 30, after more than 10 years of service. Existing users will be able to export their information using Google Takeout, but new users are no longer able to create accounts. Read more…

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A New Irish Pub Is Only Accepting Job Applications Through Snapchat

sober lane pub

Snapchat’s disappearing photos are ideal for sending incognito messages to your friends.

An Irish pub opening soon in Dublin, on the other hand, is finding new uses for the photo-sharing app. 

Last week, the pub, ironically named Sober Lane, tweeted that it would only be accepting job applications via Snapchat.

The recruitment ad encourages applicants to “forget discretion” and have a little fun with their Snapchat photos. 

According to the Irish Examiner, the pub is looking to hire between 15 and 20 people in bar, wait staff, and chef positions. Sober Lane owner Ernest Cantillon said that they received about 200 Snapchat applications within an hour of posting the recruitment ad. 

Cantillon said that sending Snapchats allows potential hires to show off sides of themselves that wouldn’t come across in a standard resume. Since the photos and videos sent by applicants will only appear for a few seconds, bar staff will be able to decide quickly whether they’re interested in a candidate or not. 

“First impressions are everything in our game. Sober Lane Cork is quirky and different. It’s all about fun, and it’s driven by our staff, who pick the music, and we don’t do uniforms,” Cantillon said to the Examiner. “If someone has a good personality, it will come across on Snapchat and we’ll offer them a job or invite them in for a chat. If they have the right personality, we can teach them the skills they’ll need to work with us.”

Cantillon already operates a Sober Lane outpost in Cork, in addition to several other bars there. The new Dublin pub will open on July 16. 

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Windows 9 ‘Threshold’ Will Bring Back The Default Start Menu


Details are emerging about Windows 9, and it sounds like the fan-favorite Start Menu will be back in the limelight for the upcoming release.

Windows 9, also known as Windows “Threshold,” will reportedly move aside some of its colorful tiles from Windows 8 to make way for the traditional Start Menu, according to ZDNet.

Many Windows users are happy with the traditional style of Windows 7, which has led to less than stellar adoption numbers for Windows 8 and its large colorful app tiles. 

Microsoft is reportedly looking to change this, which could mean Windows 9 will appeal to those that prefer the traditional design aesthetic of Windows 7.

Microsoft’s answer is being called the “Mini-Start Menu,” which appears similar to past Windows start menus but also gives users a flavor of the tiled “metro style” associated with Windows 8.

Windows 9 Mini Start Menu

Windows 9 will also arrive in different forms for different types of hardware devices.

For phones and tablets where app tiles make sense for touch input, Windows 9 will default to this layout. For desktop and laptop users, Windows 9 will automatically default to a traditional layout akin to Windows 7, with the added Mini-Start Menu.

Hybrid devices, such as Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet, will reportedly boot a desktop-style layout if it senses a keyboard attached, otherwise defaulting to the touch-oriented app tiles.

Microsoft isn’t done updating Windows 8, but Windows 9 Threshold will reportedly launch around spring 2015, with a public preview arriving this fall.

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Here’s What Google’s Game Controller For Android TV Looks Like (GOOG)

android tv controller

Gaming will be a big focus in the new Android TV ecosystem launching this fall, as the software will allow users to play their mobile games right on their televisions.

Google says players can use their Android phones or tablets as controllers, but the company is also launching a unique game controller exclusive to Android TV — and now we know what it looks like.

According to Google I/O 2014 attendee Artem Russakovskii, who posted images of the Android TV game controller to his Google+ account, every Android TV box will ship with the game controller, which comes with two thumbsticks, a directional pad, four face buttons, shoulder buttons, four LEDs, a home button and two navigation buttons.

Basically, it’s an Xbox controller with a little bit of Android button flair (scroll down to see the controller in greater detail).

The images on Google+ seem to confirm a set of Android TV game controller renderings previously posted to Reddit a few days ago. The renders were apparently found buried within the official developer preview for Google’s new Android L software.

We’ve reached out to Google to learn more about the controller — whether it will also be sold separately from the Android TV and work with other peripherals — and we’ll update this story when we learn more. However, Google did have the controllers available for testing at its I/O developers conference last week.

Games aside, the Android TV is Google’s second attempt at creating TV software, after Google TV flopped back in 2010. Android TV offers similar features to most TV set-top boxes, including the ability to search and stream movies and TV shows from video apps like YouTube, Netflix and HBO GO. And thanks to advanced voice search and its deep Knowledge Graph, Android TV can also answer complex queries like, “Who plays Johnny Blaze in ‘Ghost Rider’?” or “Oscar-nominated movies from 2005.”

Android TV will also offer full support for Chromecast, Google’s $35 TV streaming stick, and the Google Cast platform, which lets smartphone users beam their content to the Chromecast over the Wi-Fi network.

Here’s another look at the Android TV game controller (via Reddit):


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Man Successfully Puts on His Pants Without Using His Hands



Look Ma, no hands!

Getting yourself dressed in the morning is difficult. First, there’s the never-ending battle of deciding what to wear. Then, you have to actually put on the clothes. The struggle is very real.

This brave man took getting dressed to the next level by successfully putting on his pants without using his hands. Pants, as we all know, are the most difficult garment to don, making this an extremely impressive feat.

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Supreme Court: Family-Owned Companies Can Refuse Contraceptive Coverage



The Supreme Court says family-owned corporations can hold religious objections over the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that they cover contraceptives for women.

That opinion came in a 5-4 decision on Monday that marks the first time that the high court has ruled that profit-seeking businesses can hold religious views under federal law. And it means the Obama administration must search for a different way of providing free contraception to women who are covered under objecting companies’ health insurance plans.

Breaking: SCOTUS holds govt can’t require closely held corps w/ religious owners to provide contraception coverage

— SCOTUSblog (@SCOTUSblog) June 30, 2014 Read more…

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