This App Predicts When You’re Going To Die

Deadline app

Like most other apps that work with Apple’s HealthKit ecosystem, “Deadline” motivates you to be healthier, but in a darker sort of way.

“You’re going to die,” the app’s description says. “Sorry, we all do eventually. I don’t want to, either. But, what if you knew the date of your death?”

And that’s exactly what “Deadline” does, it tries its best to predict how long you have left, right down to the second.

While it’s obviously impossible to know, “Deadline” uses  your Apple HealthKit data and asks you a series of questions to generate your own personal death clock.

“Deadline” is also tough to overlook thanks to its iOS 8 widget, which inserts your life timer in your iPhone’s “Today” view.

Deadline app

It’s morbid, but the app’s integration with HealthKit means you can add time to your clock by living healthier and exercising more.

For those who can’t find motivation in the other colorful health apps out there, perhaps the gloominess of “Deadline” can serve as a reminder that life is finite and they’ll exercise more.

Just keep in mind it’s a rough estimate based on an algorithm.

To download “Deadline,” head on over to the App Store.

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