Your state’s favorite word to use in online dating



In the world of online dating, there is a seemingly endless virtual line of potential dates standing outside your virtual door. But sifting through an infinite number of matches can feel like a slog when every profile contains the phrases, “easy going,” “dog lover” and “I like everything except country, lol.”

But though it sometimes seems like every dating profile is the same, there are clear distinctions that separate American daters in each state from one another

Mashable asked to analyze thousands of online dating profiles from the U.S., and to offer insight into the habits and interests of daters in each state. Essentially, they broke down which words are used with relative frequency in certain states, as compared to relative infrequency in the rest of the country. For example, Texas love its “oil,” New York loves a stimulating visit to the “museum,” and Mississippi loves “lookin.” Read more…

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10 arrested during Ferguson protest in Portland, Jesse Jackson speaks at rally



Police arrested 10 people during a Ferguson protest in Portland, Oregon, late Saturday night, as demonstrations continued across the United States following last week’s grand jury decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Those arrested in Portland included nine adults and one “juvenile,” the Portland Police Bureau said in a release published early Sunday. They will face charges of disorderly conduct in the second degree and interfering with a peace officer, police said.

The arrests took place downtown near police headquarters at around 11:15 p.m. Saturday, local time, “after a large group of protesters laid down in the street and refused lawful orders to clear the roadway.” Police said a larger group was briefly detained, but later released and told to disperse. Demonstrators also tried to interfere with traffic and block bridges, police added Read more…

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It Looks Like Samsung Might Have Another Metal Galaxy Phone Coming Soon

samsung galaxy alpha

Samsung may be preparing to release another Galaxy phone with a metal design similar to its Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy A3, and Galaxy A5 phones.

An application for a new Samsung phone with a model number that may belong to an unreleased device called the Galaxy A7 has just appeared on the Federal Communications Commission website (via Phone Arena).

The application itself doesn’t tell us much about the device, but it does provide some evidence that Samsung is likely to launch a new phone in its A-series line. We saw similar applications appear just days before Samsung officially unveiled both the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 in October.

What we can tell, however, is how large the phone will be. The FCC’s listing says it will measure 150 mm x 75 mm, which hints the phone’s screen will probably be larger than five inches diagonally.

If Samsung does release a new phone in its Galaxy A line, it’ll be the company’s fourth phone to come with its new metal design. We first saw this new design element appear in August on the Galaxy Alpha, which has smooth metal edges similar to those of the iPhone 5 and 5s. Then, a few months later, Samsung announced the metal-rimmed Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5.

The Galaxy Note 4 comes with metal edges too, and it’s Samsung’s first real flagship product to do so. Rumors also suggest that Samsung is working on a complete design overhaul for its next major phone, presumably the Galaxy S6, so there’s a chance we’ll see more metal accents there too. 

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11 Ways You Didn’t Know You Could Use Pinterest

laptops students

Pinterest’s grand vision is to fill the gap between an idea and a specific search, and to help people find things they didn’t know they were looking for.   

There are 30 billion Pins in the social network’s system and that number grows by 25% every quarter. 

Although some people still assume the site’s just for cupcakes and wedding inspiration, there are a bunch of ways that people are using Pinterest that you may never have thought of. 


Because it’s possible to play videos directly from Pinterest, you can create playlists.

A bunch of Pinterest users post workout inspiration, which means you can build a fitness plan through the site.

When you pin recipes, Pinterest will often list the ingredients, making an automatic grocery list if you find something you can’t wait to make!

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Microsoft’s ComScore Numbers Have Been Altered To Mask A Huge Traffic Collapse (MSFT)

Microsoft's Qi Lu and Terry Myerson

Microsoft redesigned its MSN web portal, the default Internet Explorer homepage on the 400 million new Windows PCs that are sold each year, in September. In recent weeks, sources have told Business Insider that the redesign had a drastic negative effect on visitor numbers not only to MSN itself but also Microsoft’s search engine Bing (MSN used to send users to Bing results when they clicked on article headlines.) 

The first verifiable evidence of our sources’ claims was due to be revealed in this month report from research company comScore, which would have usually published separate worldwide traffic figures for Bing and MSN. The theory was MSN traffic was massively down following the redesign and that Bing was being severely hurt by one of the changes, which saw MSN curate more stories from news sites. The issue was that it was seeing people click through direct to competitor websites, rather than through to a Bing search as it had done previously.

But this month, Microsoft has asked comScore to bundle all its web products — Bing, Skype, Outlook and so on — under one “MSN” banner, the research company confirmed to Business Insider. So now it is extremely difficult to quantify exactly how badly the MSN redesign hit Microsoft. ComScore is one of the most trusted sources of web traffic data around and the majority of major publishers use the company’s reports to sell their advertising and size themselves up versus competitors. 

A Microsoft spokeswoman told Business Insider: “We have updated MSN’s hierarchical definition in comScore to align with the comScore definition of a Portal. MSN numbers now also include page view stats for content, mail, instant messaging, search, communications, photo sharing etc., in an effort to be more comparable to other portal competitors.”

MSN’s newly organized total unique worldwide visitor figure for October was 677 million, according to comScore. In September, without the added help of other properties like Bing and Skype, MSN’s unique worldwide visitors totaled 380 million. No longer is it possible to compare apples with apples with the comScore data on MSN.

ComScore does, however, still provide separate Bing data (this is also the same data that is bundled in to that total MSN figure.) Bing’s worldwide unique visitors dropped from 271 million in September to 267 million in October, according to comScore. The October figure was, however, up on the 258 million uniques reported in August.

Separate US-only data from Compete, a Millward Brown Digital company, appears to show the drop-off in visitor numbers following MSN’s redesign more starkly. Look how the uniques fell from September (when the redesign launched) to October.


The same pattern follows for


One source close to Microsoft told Business Insider: “The reasons [for changing how MSN’s visitor numbers are reported by comScore] are obvious, that is for sure…MSN is down 20% to 60% on page views depending on the country…rumors persist that they will shut it down.”

“Shuttering MSN would be fairly simple for Microsoft. Bing already has a news section and is already programming news on [its] homepage. [Bing] also has links to Microsoft’s other services. So it can serve as the consumer default homepage for Microsoft.

“With the fall in page views and click through rates on MSN, Bing is actually a better option for Microsoft strategically to gain any search share.  So it makes sense to send all of that default traffic to Bing instead of MSN. This is the key reason MSN has struggled for so long. Microsoft really doesn’t care about that business.”


Separate sources have previously told Business Insider there is a showdown of sorts between three powerful Microsoft executives: Terry Myerson, the man in charge of Windows, Derrick Connell, who runs Bing, and Qi Lu, the man in charge of most of Microsoft’s consumer online services, which includes MSN and also Bing.

The fight is about who gets to control the default home page of Internet Explorer. All three want to claim the home page as a lucrative marketing spot for their own divisions.

Microsoft told Business Insider last month that Bing and MSN are performing well and that the newly redesigned MSN is a success, referencing older US-only comScore data for October.

In a statement the company said: “As the most recent [US] market share data indicates, Bing and MSN both continue to grow. We are seeing a great response to the new MSN, which we just rebuilt to combine content from the world’s leading media outlets along with easy access to tools such as Office Online, Skype and Bing. Similarly, we’re pleased to see Bing gaining traction both as a standalone search engine and as the intelligence platform powering experiences inside and outside of Microsoft, including Cortana on Windows Phone, Siri and Spotlight from Apple.”

Last month Microsoft fired a huge chunk of its global advertising sales team. Our source tells us that the majority of people responsible for monetizing MSN were part of that round of layoffs, as well as many MSN editorial staff.

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An Easy Way To Share Your Location When You’re Traveling

If you’re expecting guests — or someone is expecting you — it’s nice to stay on top of arrival times. 

What’s not nice, though, is the constant exchange of texts and the GPS-checks required to keep each other posted on your locations. 

Luckily, you can stop the cycle of constant updates with this really simple iPhone trick. 

With only a few clicks, you’ll be able to let your friend or loved one track your route. Here’s what to do:

If you want to share your location with a person you’re texting with, click on “Details” in the top right corner:

iPhone Location

You’ll see “Share my Location.” Click it:

iPhone Location

Depending on how far away you are, you can share for an hour or until the end of the day. Or who knows, maybe you want to go crazy and share your location indefinitely:

iPhone Location

Your friend or family member will then be able to see where you are on your route. In this example, my friend Megan is the bigger blue dot and I’m the little blue dot/picture combo. Hitting “directions” will let your friend see exactly how long it should take you to arrive:

iPhone Tracking

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This Is How Gay Hook-Up App Grindr Is Courting Major Advertisers

Joel Simkhai Grindr CEO

Unless they have used it themselves, many advertisers may not know that gay geo-social networking app Grindr has a burgeoning advertising business and a potentially lucrative future data business.

Grindr claims to be the largest all-male mobile social network in the world, with nearly 10 million users in 192 countries. Those users are described in Grindr’s pitch document to advertisers (which you can see in full below) as “affluent, tech savvy men,” who mostly earn over the average income, spend more on products and services than straight people and are likely to have future travel plans: an ideal target base for advertisers.

However, it’s also a potentially risky place for brands to advertise: it’s predominantly used to organize no-strings sex, which can often be accompanied with offensive language (although Grindr does have a team of human moderators to attempt to stamp this out). In August a security glitch left users’ locations vulnerable to being discovered by third parties. The company has since disabled distance display, which showed how close a potential match was to a user’s current location.

Some people also use the app to organize drug pick-ups (many different apps are used for this too, most notoriously Instagram).

Business Insider talked to Grindr’s CEO Joel Simkhai and asked what the company is doing to ensure brands are advertising in safe environments on the app that they would want to associate themselves with.

He told us over the phone:

“We have a team of moderators that review for profanity and monitor for the things that you mentioned [the drug pick-ups]. These types of behaviors are prohibited on Grindr and we also comply with iTunes and Google Play guidelines. We are very vigilant on that.

“Part of it is that we have people looking at it, and we can also control where brands [appear on the app] and that they are comfortable. I don’t think Grindr is for every brand out there. But it’s not X-rated content — maybe shirtless and showing some skin, but that’s kind of who we are.”

grindr broadcast message adAnd plenty of brands so far have decided Grindr is for them: Uber, Airbnb, Audi, Groupon, Fiat, Live Nation and Dollar Shave Club are among the major brands sitting alongside smaller local businesses recently taking advantage of Grindr’s location-based ad offering. Ad formats include traditional banners, text-based “broadcast” messages to inform users of local events or special offers near them and a new full-page interstitial ad that appears as users flick through profiles or close the app. They can be bought through advertising networks or directly through Grindr’s 10-person global sales team.

The appeal of Grindr? “If you want to target men, or gay men, we are the natural first choice. Nobody else in the gay market has our scale and ability to deliver these kinds of ad formats,” Simkhai claims.

The company does not “talk dollar figures,” but advertising revenue in the 12 months to October was up 118% on last year, and ads now make up 25% of total revenue, according to Simkhai. Grindr Xtra subscriptions, which allow users to remove ads, make up the rest of Grindr’s income. He adds that Grindr is the top grossing paid-for social networking app on iTunes, which should help people extrapolate how successful the company has been at making money to date.

Future money-making opportunities

But advertising and subscriptions may not be the only revenue stream for Grindr in the future. Simkhai is all too aware about the value of its API and data, which could be licensed to other companies.

“With our data API we’d be comfortable to share some, but not all, we wouldn’t divulge any personal information … we’d be interested in talking to other companies about data, location and the opportunities that come out of that,” he said.

Simkhai also revealed that Grindr has been approached by other companies with potential takeover propositions before (he did not divulge which ones, or the size of the offers placed on the table) and “it’s something we’d definitely be open to in the future,” he said.

The profile of gay men in business shifted up a gear last month when Apple CEO Tim Cook came out publicly as gay in an essay written for Businessweek. We asked Simkhai, as a gay man in business himself, what impact this news had on him:

“To think that a gay man runs the most valuable company in the world just speaks for itself, it’s a tremendous statement for everyone.

“[It says] gay men can be successful in business, they can make a lot of money, and there’s no reason to exclude gay men from the business world because you can see they add tremendous value…it makes a guy like me very proud.”

This is the document Grindr uses to market itself to potential advertisers and agencies.

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