Teen Breaks His Own Guinness World Record For Speed Texting With An iPhone 6 Plus

Yes, there is a Guinness World Record for speed texting. And the current record holder just set the bar much higher for himself with a new record, accomplished with Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus.

Marcel Fernandes Filho, a 17-year-old from Brazil, set the Guinness World Record for “Fastest Time To Type A Text Message On A Touchscreen Device” back in May with Samsung’s Galaxy S4 smartphone. He achieved the feat with the customizable Fleksy keyboard.

Fleksy was previously unavailable on iOS until Apple started allowing third-party keyboards with the release of iOS 8. So on Tuesday, Filho grabbed Apple’s biggest smartphone, the iPhone 6 Plus, installed Fleksy, and beat his own world record.

Filho’s record with the Galaxy S4 in May was 18 seconds and 19 milliseconds. Filho’s new record with the iPhone 6 Plus was 17 seconds flat. 

That’s pretty fast.

You can download Fleksy for iOS or Android here.

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