25 Tumblrs That Went Ballistic In 2014

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Tumblr is an image-centric platform known for its quirky, shareable content. 

There was a ton of great content created on Tumblr this year, from hilarious Beyonce illustrations to poetic reinterpretations of today’s pop songs.  

The Tumblr team analyzed traffic for millions of posts to compile a list of the most popular blogs for 2014. These are the blogs that went absolutely viral this year, attracting thousands of reblogs and fans all over the Internet. 

“If Paintings Could Text” imagines what characters in classic paintings would say if they had iPhones.

If Paintings Could Text »

On “Ghost Photographs,” Artist Angela Deane paints on pictures to make figures look like ghosts.

Ghost Photographs »

“TL;DR Wikipedia” condenses Wikipedia entries in a humorous way.

TL;DR Wikipedia »

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