San Francisco tech startups are obsessed with replacing their moms

 mom and childSilicon Valley entrepreneurs have millions in funding to spend on startups and maybe tackle world problems. Based on what they’re building though, it kinda looks like they just want their mom around.

As Aziz Shamim overheard and posted on Twitter, “SF tech culture is focused on solving one problem: what is my mother no longer doing for me?”

In honor of mother’s day, we took a look at how some San Francisco-based startups are trying to fill the void of everything their moms used to do for them.

(Dads, you rock too.)

Mom, I don’t want to clean my room!

You don’t have to do it yourself then. SF-startup Homejoy contracts out professional cleaners, if you’re willing to pay its hourly rate, that is. Prices vary, but it can cost between $25-$35 hour depending on the person and what needs to be done.

Mom, what’s for dinner?

That depends, honey, on who you want to order from. Local startups Sprig, SpoonRocket and Munchery will all deliver you meals on-demand for around $10. They’re all made by chefs, so you can order things like mustard-glazed salmon, instead of just drinking Soylent.

But mom, I wanted you to cook me dinner!

Looks like you’ll have to hire your own personal chef for the night from Kichit if you want someone to come cook the meals for you. 

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