The 14 best apps for getting the most our of your Mac (AAPL)

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It’s no secret that a Mac is one of the best tools available for getting things done — both in work and in play.

And Mac apps are the key to that. The following apps are the “must-haves,” the ones that will actually change the way you use your Mac. These apps will take your movie-watching to the next level, keep your Mac running clean, or let you make your own GIFs at any time. On the more serious side, they will help you take great notes and build effective passwords to keep your accounts safe.

There’s even an app to make your computer screen easier on your eyes.

At the root of it all, these apps make it easier than ever to do nearly any common task — in other words, these are the 14 Mac apps you should download today.

Additional reporting by Kyle Russell and Steven Tweedie.

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Helium is the best way to watch Netflix while getting work done.

Helium is a multitasker’s dream, making it easy to watch your favorite shows without sacrificing any valuable screen real estate or resizing windows. The secret? It turns your videos partially transparent while removing your mouse’s ability to interact with it, freeing you up to use your mouse to click, scroll, and select anything that resides behind your video.

Price: Free

Cheatsheet shows you all the shortcuts in whatever app you are using.

Cheatsheet is an app that makes using all other apps better. After Cheatsheet is installed, you can just hold the “⌘” key a bit longer than usual, and Cheatsheet will bring up a list of all active shortcuts in the app you are using.

Price: Free

F.lux gives your eyes a break by reducing your screen’s colors to match the time of day.

F.lux is perfect for those mornings when you have to work on your computer before the sun comes up. Instead of squinting for the first twenty minutes, you can open your laptop to a warmer, more comfortable screen.

Price: Free

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