Celebrate Halloween and the World Series by smashing pumpkins with a bat



Opera, slow motion and exploding pumpkins — everything you need to get pumped for Halloween and World Series baseball. Read more…

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Why Black Lives Matter protests are good for Hillary Clinton



WASHINGTON — Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton began to outline her plans for criminal justice reform Friday in a speech at the historically black college Clark Atlanta University

The Democratic presidential frontrunner called for a legal ban on racial profiling by police as well as the elimination of sentencing disparities between crimes involving crack cocaine and those involving powder cocaine. She also joined the “ban the box” movement, calling on employers to delay background checks on criminal history until later in the hiring process.

But not before she met resistance from a group of activists chanting “black lives matter.” Read more…

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6 trans students fighting for equal access to their school’s bathrooms



Transgender students face enough challenges — being able to use restrooms consistent with their gender identity shouldn’t be one of them, advocates and civil rights organizations argue.

In a historic move this week, the Obama administration showed support for 16-year-old Gavin Grimm, who is suing his school district over their restrictive bathroom policy.

But Grimm isn’t the only student challenging school rules that prohibit students from using bathrooms corresponding with their chosen gender identity rather than their biological sex. With the help of the National Center for Transgender Equality, Mashable has compiled a list of six ongoing or recently settled cases of transgender students being denied equal access to public restrooms. This list may not capture all cases, some of which may be pending or working their way through the Department of Education or state agencies. Read more…

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The denim dictionary: Every jean style you need to know



Denim lovers have never enjoyed more options.

Up until now, past decades could easily be identified by their own respective jean style. Bellbottoms belonged to the ’70s, acid washes rocked the ’80s and mom jeans ruled the early ’90s before bootcut shapes stole the show in the latter part of the decade. Skinny jeans have monopolized much of the 2000s but their reign is coming to an end

When we look back on the mid 2010s, it will be difficult to pinpoint one particular jean style. We have more options than ever — and that’s incredible. 

The denim world is no longer a dictatorship but a democracy. Each day you can cast your vote for whatever jean you see fit, trends be damned. Read more…

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This slo-mo of smashed pumpkins knocks it out of the park



The unlikely pairing of pumpkin season and baseball season have collided.

The pulpy orange guts of pumpkins may just be the stuff of typical carvings, but introduce a baseball bat and some classical music and that’s something worth treating to some slo-mo. Sit back and relax as a pumpkin is teed up and then smashed to smithereens

Just another home run to satisfy your World Series appetite.

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Why haunted houses creep us out so much



The Haunted House is a time-honored horror setting. All of us have shivered our way through spooky flicks such as The Haunting, The Amityville Horror, The Sentinel and Poltergeist.

It’s not only at the movies that we pay good money to frighten ourselves to death: commercial haunted houses are an integral part of 21st-century Halloween theater, with an estimated 5,000 such attractions operating in the United States each year.

The portrayal of cinematic haunted houses has remained remarkably consistent across time, and the architects of our annual macabre Halloween rituals incorporate all of the same bells and whistles (okay — creaks and groans) that we’ve come to expect. Read more…

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Stop panicking about cancer risk from processed and red meat, experts say



On Monday, the World Health Organization’s cancer research agency exploded into the news with a report claiming that processed meats cause cancer and red meats probably do as well. The report was released by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and was authored by a panel of 22 experts, who compiled it using data from more than 800 studies on the link between meat and cancer.

It’s an admittedly dismaying headline, particularly in the United States, which has one of the highest levels of meat consumption in the world — but experts are cautioning that it’s no cause for hysteria Read more…

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