Uber driver explains exactly what you need to do for a 5-star rating



Politeness is always five stars.

Since both drivers and passengers can rate each other on their Uber and Lyft ride experiences, it’s especially important to mind your manners (plus, that’s just a good life tip).

If you’re not really sure what “good manners” means, this helpful Uber driver hung up a sheet of handy tips in his car

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15 ‘Star Wars’ impressions that completely crush your Yoda



For those who’ll be camping out outside movie theaters in the 24-hour lead up to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, you’ll need a solid way to pass the time. One option? Fine-tune your Yoda impression — using this clip from Charlie Hopkinson as inspiration for perfecting your take on the Jedi master, that signature Chewbacca growl and much, much more.

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Obama calls Paris Climate Summit a ‘rejection’ of terror



On Nov. 30, Barack Obama called the COP21 global climate talks an “act of defiance” against terrorism. He went on to say “What greater rejection to those that tear down our world than marshalling our best efforts to save it?”

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Erykah Badu disses Iggy Azalea: ‘What you’re doing is definitely not rap’



Erykah Badu isn’t a fan of Iggy Azalea — and she doesn’t mind if everyone knows it

While hosting the Soul Train Awards on Nov. 29, the singer cracked jokes about how rappers aren’t allowed to perform at the music awards show, which focused on soul music.

In a bit during her monologue, Badu pretended to field phone calls from rappers who wanted to be invited… including one particular Australian chart-topper

“Iggy Azalea?” she joked. “You can come, because what you’re doing is definitely not rap … in fact, I’m gonna send an Uber for you right now.” Read more…

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New ‘American Idol’ clip gives a peek at Kanye West’s audition



Okay, so you won’t actually see Yeezy warble a few bars of “At Last” in this brief promo for American Idol‘s farewell season.

You will, however, see one of Simon Cowell’s most famous insults, a flashback to William Hung’s audition (man, remember William Hung?), and a triumphant Kanye sauntering into this season’s audition room — prompting an incredulous “What are you doing here?!” from current judge Jennifer Lopez.

The reality juggernaut’s 15th and final season kicks off Jan. 6 on Fox.

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Emptying Tutankhamun’s tomb took 8 years of painstaking labor




Image: Unknown photographer (c) The Griffith Institute, Oxford. Colorized by Dynamichrome for the exhibition “The Discovery of King Tut” in New York.

Perhaps surprisingly, the mummy of King Tutankhamun remains exactly where it was discovered by Howard Carter, on Nov. 26, 1922 — in its tomb in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings.

That does not apply, however, to the thousands of objects that accompanied the boy king on his journey to the afterlife — objects which Carter famously described as “wonderful things” when he first peered into the tomb’s dark chambers by candlelight.

The painstaking — and sometimes back-breaking — work of recording, cataloging and then removing every object, one-by-one, began in October 1926. The final objects were taken from the tomb, almost eight years after Carter’s momentous discovery, on Nov. 10, 1930. Read more…

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Thousands of empty shoes stand in for climate protesters banned in Paris



The square was supposed to be filled with thousands of protesters, but instead, it was only their shoes

Thousands of pairs of shoes were placed in neat rows in Paris’ Place de la Republique on Sunday. The area was set to be filled with environmental activists ahead of the nearby COP21 climate talks. But in the wake of the deadly terror attacks in the city on Nov. 13, French officials banned large-scale demonstrations, citing security concerns.

Among the shoes were a pair of plain black loafers sent by Pope Francis, who has long been an outspoken advocate of climate change awareness and prevention. UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon also contributed a pair of sneakers. Read more…

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