Emptying Tutankhamun’s tomb took 8 years of painstaking labor




Image: Unknown photographer (c) The Griffith Institute, Oxford. Colorized by Dynamichrome for the exhibition “The Discovery of King Tut” in New York.

Perhaps surprisingly, the mummy of King Tutankhamun remains exactly where it was discovered by Howard Carter, on Nov. 26, 1922 — in its tomb in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings.

That does not apply, however, to the thousands of objects that accompanied the boy king on his journey to the afterlife — objects which Carter famously described as “wonderful things” when he first peered into the tomb’s dark chambers by candlelight.

The painstaking — and sometimes back-breaking — work of recording, cataloging and then removing every object, one-by-one, began in October 1926. The final objects were taken from the tomb, almost eight years after Carter’s momentous discovery, on Nov. 10, 1930. Read more…

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