There’s now an app for men to thrift shop without hassle



Secondhand shopping for dudes? Forget about it.

While women have been buying and selling formerly-loved clothing for decades with sites like Etsy, ASOS Marketplace, Swap, and even niche markets like Mod Markit, the same hasn’t been true of men. That is, until now.

The website Grailed wants to make secondhand shopping second nature for dudes, and it’s expanding its mission by launching an app.


“For a while now there’s been a large movement of men getting more and more interested in fashion and personal style thanks to the Internet,” Grailed CEO Arun Gupta told Mashable. “Grailed is all about finally being able to afford the clothing you’ve always wanted. Everyone wants to look and feel great, but a lot of the time, quite frankly, it’s prohibitively expensive.” Read more…

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