Potential leader of the free world eats pizza with a fork



If you haven’t yet voted in the presidential primaries yet, choose wisely — your next president may eat pizza with a fork.

In New York on Wednesday, John Kasich was seen eating a big greasy slice of pizza with a fork. After being justly mocked by locals and reporters, Kasich switched to eating pizza with his hands. But it was too late.

The damage had already been done.

“Look, look, the pizza came scalding hot, OK? And so I use a little fork,” he told Good Morning America

It’s hard enough to watch a potential commander-in-chief of the armed forces eat pizza with a fork. But watching him eat pizza with, as he mentioned, a little fork poses a severe threat to our national security and self-esteem. Read more…

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R.E.M.’s first gig: A free concert at their school’s student center



Image: Larry Cutchall/Getty Images

In January 1980, University of Georgia student Michael Stipe, who was studying painting and photography, struck up a friendship with Peter Buck, a fellow student and clerk at the Wuxtry record store in Athens. The two shared a taste for “weird” records, and within a couple months they decided to start writing music and form a band

They soon joined with two more students, drummer Bill Berry and bassist Mike Mills, best friends who had played together for years

Their first performance, before they had yet settled on a name, was at a friend’s birthday party on April 5. Sometime soon after, the group was brainstorming names, and (as the legend goes) Stipe opened a dictionary to a random page and settled on “R.E.M.,” the term for the Rapid Eye Movement that occurs during sleep Read more…

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Stuck in no-man’s-land: These are the people Europe forgot



IDOMENI, GREECE — The refugees and migrants fleeing war and poverty had come to Greece, seeking a way to western Europe — and a chance to begin again. 

They thought they would just be passing through this border town. And then, one by one, the borders began closing. First Austria, then the Balkan states said they wouldn’t let refugees through.

A month later, almost 10,000 people are stranded in the small Greek town of Idomeni, on the border with Macedonia left in limbo in an empty field strewn with litter and human waste and lacking the most basic necessities.

When it’s rainy, the flimsy tents fill with mud and families struggle to get warm around small fires that surround their sites.  Read more…

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Pest-infested factory is another blow in Britain’s biscuit crisis



LONDON — The UK — currently in the throes of a biscuit crisis — has just received another devastating blow: the discovery of “pest activity” in a biscuit factory in Teesside.

OK, we might be overreacting somewhat, but we Brits take our biscuits very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that airplane loads of emergency biscuits were recently flown in to bolster the biscuit shortage currently blighting the nation. 

The pest activity at Baketime’s factory has prompted a total recall of all its product, which includes cheese thins, shortbread, chip cookies and fudge brownies. Baketime’s products are sold in Aldi and in small convenience shops in the UK.  Read more…

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