Nearly 46 Million People Trapped in Modern Slavery, Report Finds


Nearly 46 million people across the globe are living in modern slavery, a system of exploitation that governments and businesses must do more to end, according to the Walk Free Foundation.

The Australia-based rights group on Tuesday released its global slavery index, which tracks the number of people stuck in “situations of exploitation that a person cannot refuse or leave because of threats, violence, coercion, abuse of power or deception.” The instances include forced labor in farming, fishing and manufacturing, commercial sex work and forced marriage.

“Governments need to look more closely at illicit labor recruitment, crack down on the illegal companies that provide conduit in which people end up in slavery, and penalize the companies and individuals that are using bonded labor, either directly or in their supply chains,” the group said in a statement. “At the same time, it is important that we tackle the conditions that drive labor migration by creating opportunities within home countries.” Read more…

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Things got real weird at the Libertarian National Convention


If you thought the 2016 election was a shit show, the Libertarian party just bumped it up a few notches. 

The party dedicated to extremely limited government and completely open free market economics held its national convention on Sunday, and boy was it exciting. 

From one dude stripping on stage, to a bunch of white men yelling, the convention was filled with awkward moments that perfectly sum up the 2016 election season.  Read more…

Seriously, Chairman wannabe James Weeks stripped on stage. 

He was eventually kicked out.

This man was very excited.

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This hero dog rolls around NYC in a tiny white BMW


Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass and I’m homebound,” Luigi Maestro the shih tzu sings to himself (probably). He’s rolling down the sidewalk on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in a dog-sized BMW with his mom, author Anisha Lakhani, trailing behind, driving the car with a remote control.

Neil Paine, a sportswriter at FiveThirtyEight, spotted the pair on May 29 and snapped a photo. The resulting tweet has since racked up more than 18,250 retweets and 28,100 likes.

But Paine isn’t the first to spot Lakhani and Luigi. 

Indeed, Luigi’s stylish earned him a story in the New York Post in April.  Read more…

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Paris mayor announces opening of first ‘humanitarian camp’ in the city


Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo has announced the opening of the first official refugee camp in the French capital. She says it will open within the next six weeks.

During a press conference Tuesday, Hidalgo stressed that the new “humanitarian camp” would conform to UN regulations. 

She said several sites north of Paris had been identified as possible location for the camp. The exact site will be confirmed in the next few days. 

The camp will offer “day care” as well as “longer-term accommodation for people arriving destitute”, Hidalgo saidRead more…

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The Batman-themed Galaxy S7 Edge is more than just aesthetics


Samsung announced a new souped-up, Batman-themed Galaxy S7 Edge and it looks like something Bruce Wayne would bring along in his late-night jaunts for justice. It’s called the Injustice Edition and is coming out in June, three years after the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us was released.

The new phone is sleek and jet black with gold accents, including a golden Batman symbol on the back. It also has a Batman-themed interface that makes the phone more than just a standard S7 Edge with a different case.

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Badass queen Emilia Clarke wants to play James Bond


The Khaleesi intends to conquer the world of British secret services.

Actress Emilia Clarke told UK newspaper The Daily Star that she has “a lot of unrealized dreams,” including taking on the iconic role of James Bond.

“I would love to play Jane Bond,” Clarke told The Daily Star. ”My ultimate leading man would be Leonardo DiCaprio. No doubt about it.”

The Game of Thrones queen isn’t the only woman people are whispering about for the role. Last week, fellow badass TV actress Gillian Anderson was also rumored for the gender-swapped role. Read more…

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Guy who promised to eat his shirt if the Warriors won eats his words, then his shirt


The Golden State Warriors are headed to the NBA Finals, and this poor guy is likely headed to the bathroom.

In the comment section of r/nba‘s Western Finals Game 5 post-game thread, at which point the Thunder were leading the Warriors 3-2, Cavaliers fan PARTYxDIRTYDAN promised that if the Splash Brothers and Co. were able to stage a comeback against the Thunder, he would eat his shirt. 

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