Furby is back, more Internet-connected than ever and too cute to resist



Just when you thought Furby couldn’t get any cuter and smarter, it has.

Roughly four years after Furby underwent a modern reinvention to re-emerge with LED eyes and app-connectivity — and a cuddly Furbacca version — Hasbro has announced the Furby Connect, an even more adorable hamster-owl robot.

New to the Furby Connect are full-color LED eyes capable of even greater expressions, more advanced Bluetooth LE connectivity with smartphones and tablets, and a new LED antenna on its head that doubles as a joystick.

When the original Furby launched in the late ’90s, the TV commercials gave me nightmares. I was among the first group of press to check out and review the redesigned Furby in 2012. It was less creepy than the original, but I still didn’t want to keep it in my home. Read more…

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