Someone apparently visited their Pokémon-loving brother’s grave and got a surprise


Have some tissues on standby.

A Japanese Twitter user tweeted a touching post about someone encountering Pikachu on Pokémon Go, while visiting the grave of their deceased sibling.

According to the caption of the tweet, the person’s younger brother was a huge fan of Pikachu.

For anyone remotely familiar with Pokémon Go, Pikachu is quite a rare find and difficult to catch. The creature is a central character of the Pokémon anime series and is widely regarded as the brand’s mascot.

Rocketnews24 reported that it’s possible that the person who tweeted the pic isn’t the sibling of the boy since the caption is in quotation marks. Reddit users have confirmed this theory and are speculating from the picture that the late boy is of Dutch nationality.  Read more…

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