5 key tips for getting the most out of ‘Pokémon Go’ on your commute



LONDON — The only downsides to Pokémon Go are that a) it’s impossibly addictive and b) you need to invest quite a large chunk of time in it to progress. There are always irritating hurdles like work and family that keep getting in the way of your sweet, sweet Pokémon catching time, so every spare second of the day counts.

If you live in a big city, the commute to work might not seem like a great time to be playing Pokémon Go — but if you happen to catch the train or a bus, you could be in luck.

Ever since I downloaded the game on Monday I’ve been worryingly addicted to it, so on my commute to and from work — which involves a short walk, a half hour train journey and a quick Tube ride — I’ve been trying to find the best way of utilising that time. Sadly the London Underground is pretty much a signal black hole, but the train does have some potential. Read more…

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