Dad Drives His Daughter To The Wild After Divorce, What Happens Next Will Strike You

We all know that divorce can be an emotionally fraught process that takes a psychological and emotional toll on a family. But how many people stop to consider the potentially devastating effect it has on non-human members of a household?

In this video, a little girl is taken home to meet her adoptive family on her new sister’s birthday. For a while everybody is content, but then conflict occurs with increasing frequency and the family breaks down. The adopted girl’s parents no longer seem interested in her wellbeing, and her sibling no longer wants to play with her.

Following this period of strife and breakdown, the father drives the girl to a remote location. Using her favorite toy as a distraction, he abandons her. In the last section of the film, the girl turns into a dog and the film’s ultimate message is revealed. The “adopted girl” is actually a dog gifted to the father’s daughter, and now faces being left to an uncertain fate. Cold and alone, she stares in confusion at the car as it drives away.

This thought-provoking piece perfectly illustrates why pets should be considered important members of the family, and why they should only be adopted by those responsible enough to care for them regardless of circumstance.

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