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Bugatti, a brand best known for creating luxury sports cars, has partnered with Monaco-based yacht builder Palmer Johnson to create the Niniette 66 — a titanium and carbon fiber yacht that features incredibly luxurious features.

Credit: Bugatti

Following Bugatti’s trademark, the horseshoe shape of the vehicle is very evident. But while it allows for optimum airflow to cool the the Bugatti Chiron’s massive engine, it’s more of an aesthetic addition to the Ninette 66.

Credit: Bugatti

The yacht isn’t necessarily built for speed. Two MAN V-8 engines propel the Niniette 66, which can reach a top speed of knots (50 mph). But, as you might have expected, the whole point of a Bugatti yacht is being able to enjoy its super luxury features.

Credit: Bugatti

The Niniette 66 is specifically designed and built to be enjoyed by only two people. It has a master suite with a double bed, a guest bathroom with marble accents, and a galley kitchen that includes a sink, fridge, and microwave. The spacious deck is outfitted with leather and blue morta oak — a type of wood known for its resilience against decay for thousands of years — where you can enjoy a Sun pad for lounging, a champagne bar, and a fire pit.

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The futuristic vehicle is priced at $2.2 million.

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