[ futurism.com ] Facebook Finally Released Details on Their Top Secret Brain-Computer Interface

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Facebook Finally Released Details on Their Top Secret Brain-Computer Interface

Facebook’s annual developers’ conference is in full swing this week. Ultimately, the event serves as an opportunity for the company to unveil their most innovative products and reveal key details about upcoming projects. And nothing is more promising or intriguing than what’s coming out of Facebook’s mysterious Building 8 (B8).

Currently, we know very little about B8, as none of their projects have been officially detailed, but rumors are swirling, and it’s not like we don’t know anything. We have some big, overarching information about the general work being done. It seems that B8 is working on four primary projects. These are said to include augmented reality, drones, cameras, and direct brain-computer interfaces (BCIs).

Yes, Facebook is working on computers that are meant to be implanted in our brains.

The Evolution of Brain-Computer Interfaces [INFOGRAPHIC]
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During the opening event yesterday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that, today, speakers at the conference would discuss where they are in relation to their work on the BCI technology.

At the event, he stated that we would “hear from Regina Dugan about some of the work that [they are] doing to build even further out beyond augmented reality, and that includes work around direct brain interfaces that are going to, eventually, one day, let you communicate using only your mind.”

Dugan is a former DARPA executive. She also worked for Google’s advanced projects division. Now, Dugan has finally released information about the work B8 has been doing. The highlights are below. Also you can watch the video of the event (this story is developing):


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