[ arstechnica.com ]Season 2 of Stranger Things looks even creepier and more intense

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Season 2 of Stranger Things looks even creepier and more intense

We saw the first trailer for season 2 of Stranger Things at Comic-con.

Excitement about Netflix retro-horror series Stranger Things was at a fever pitch during Comic-con this weekend, especially after we saw the first trailer for season 2. Set during the mid-1980s, the series picks up one year after the events of the first season. The trailer promises we’ll be diving deep into the Upside Down mythos, which represents an even greater threat than before.

The kid gang is back together, innocently playing videogames, when Will starts to see visions of the Upside Down taking over the entire world. And you know what? It’s scary and looks amazing. I wasn’t that excited about a second season for this show—I thought the ending of last season was basically perfect, and that the new season should focus on a new horror story. But this trailer guaranteed I’ll be tuning in.

It looks like we’ll focus a lot Will’s post-Upside Down transformation. The scene of him in some kind of experimental facility is reminiscent of what we saw happening to Eleven last year. David Harbour, who plays Sheriff Hopper, said on Wired’s Facebook Live that his character has changed a lot in the past year. We’ll see flashbacks of his journey, Harbour said, and it has “a lot to do with the Eggos he’s delivering to the woods.”

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