[ gsmarena.com ] LG V30 design confirmed, camera could also have f/1.6 aperture

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LG V30 design confirmed, camera could also have f/1.6 aperture

There are a couple of new pieces of news pertaining to the LG V30. The first of which is that the user manual was allegedly leaked. The thing is… we don’t have access to the supposed manual. @OnLeaks has released an image of the LG V30 in its 2D drawing goodness.

In addition to my previous #LGV30 leak, just a little extract from its user manual… http://pic.twitter.com/6UYjBHwv4I— Steve H. (@OnLeaks) July 31, 2017

The new image shows us that the LG V30 looks a lot like the LG G6. In fact, the LG V30 looks like a larger version of the LG G6. Like the G6, the V30 will have a 2:1…