Josh Hutcherson Reveals ‘Hunger Games’ Spoilers in ‘SNL’ Promo



Actor Josh Hutcherson will host Saturday Night Live this week, so prepare yourself for several “May the odds be ever in your favor” jokes

The Hunger Games star promoted his appearance with SNL cast member Bobby Moynihan, and the two joked about Catching Fire spoilers (of course), his fiery costume from the first movie and his age

Then, as though Hutcherson hasn’t been through enough as a District 12 tribute, Moynihan punches him in the face.

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Get To Know Your Personality Type

We previously posted an article in which you could discover which personality type you have according to the Jung/Myers-Briggs personality test and which celebrities share that type. Here, you can see the strengths and weaknesses, average income and education of your type! If you’re unsure as to which of the sixteen personality types you have, there’s a link on the previously mentioned article.

It always helps to be aware of our strengths and weaknesses, and even if you don’t particularly relate to these sorts of things it’s always good to get some extra perspective. I discovered I was INFP, so according to this infographic I fall into the Idealist category and am ‘The Healer’. INFP strengths appear to revolve around aiding other people, whilst our weaknesses are very emotionally based.

What does your personality say about you? Are you an analytical ISTP? A fun and imaginative ENFP or an INTJ mastermind?

MBTI Personality Types Socioeconomic Infographic | Career Assessment Site

Whether you are intrigued by the idea of personality types or believe them to be nonsense, it’s always interesting to see which type you supposedly fall into and perhaps gain a little more knowledge about yourself. Which Personality Type Are You?

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9 Lean Budget Tips: Run A Business For Less Than You Spend On Coffee

Running an online business can be extremely rewarding—and massively expensive. But just because your friends and colleagues are using fancy tools and programs and have big budgets, doesn’t mean you have to, too. Some will even say you need the latest and greatest “Must Have” tools to be successful. I’d like to prove them wrong. Here’s how to run your business on a lean budget:

1. Day-to-day tools

Use tools you already have on your computer: whether pre-installed or purchased, just dust them off again. Most of us have purchased programs in the past (like Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Quicken, and Photoshop) but don’t use them on a regular basis. Do a quick search of the programs already on your hard-drive (or on the computer you’ve got in storage) and then do an equally important YouTube search for training videos on that software. Put those tools to work in your business.

Also look for tools like Skype, Google Voice, Gmail, and FaxZero (for those occasional outgoing faxes) for daily communication. And also check out or for large, free, online storage accounts. Some of the most reliable bridge lines are also free, such as and Use them for consulting calls, tele-seminars or anything that would benefit from a “bridge line”.

2.  Industry-specific tools

Do a Google search for “[name of expensive program] alternative”. Or, jump into a co-op where people are purchasing a bulk license of your industry-specific software. If you’re not a graphic designer, but need a program like Photoshop, search for or Paint.NET with .psd.

photoshop alternative lifehack

If you create beautiful products that sell on Etsy, you’ll need stellar images of your products. Borrow a camera from a friend or rent one from a website like or Similarly, if you need a studio to take product shots, consider asking around at local shops to borrow their light box for the afternoon.

3. Streamline

Go through your PayPal and credit card statements for the past 90–180 days and look for recurring expenses. Cut out anything that isn’t essential. Maybe even cut out what you think is essential and find another free alternative.

Oftentimes, we pay $9.99 per month or $30 per month for memberships that we only use a few times per year. Ask yourself if it’s creating a return on investment for your business. Is that $9.99 each month really contributing $120 per year back into your business, preferably more? It should be.

If you are using your subscriptions, check to see if you can pay an annual fee and save money throughout the year. Or, buy it outright. Often companies will charge $30 per month but sell an annual subscription for less than $200 (saving $160 over the year).

If you can purchase outright, even better. Upgrade every two to three years and save even more. Look at PayPal six-month payment terms if you need to spread out payments of the bigger purchases.

4. Roll up your sleeves

Most tasks that need to be done in your business can be done quickly if you have systems in place: it’s the procrastination and thinking about it that takes time. Create a clear action plan and set aside time every day to get closer to your big dream goal and closer to the income goals you set.

5. Leverage PR opportunities

Whenever possible, snap up opportunities to contribute to a news article, blog post, or book. Offer to write articles for local newspapers or magazines, and utilize resources like HARO and SourceBottle where journalists are regularly looking for content.

sourcebottle haro

Set up a page on your website called “Media” (or similar), and include your bio and high-quality images, so you can point press to it easily when the opportunity arises. If you make it easy for yourself and budget in 45 minutes a week for this kind of activity, your business will thank you for it later.

6. Training

Every day an entrepreneur is building a new program or course. They often need beta testers to run through their program at a reduced rate, or for free. Make yourself available to them, help them make their program better and get the training your need to improve your business skills. Also, check out websites like Udemy or CreativeLive for upcoming classes that are offered completely free. Sometimes you must attend live to access the free version, but there are perks, like mingling with other attendees and making new business connections.

creative live

7. Product development

Think it’s tricky to figure out what your potential clients will spend money on? Try this on for size! Create a one-question survey at SurveyMonkey or Google Forms and ask people to answer the question. You’ll be surprised at the answers you receive, and how easy it will be to create your next product or program. Instead of waiting months to start generating revenue, consider launching and building the course or program as you go through each week.

survey one question

8. Online presence

It used to cost a fortune and take months to create a website. It doesn’t anymore. A clean WordPress website with a sales funnel automated with autoresponders (like MailChimp or AWeber) and shopping cart plugins (like WooCommerce or, and semi-automated social media (through HootSuite or SocialOomph) can cost less than $10 per month.  YouTube, Facebook Pages, Twitter and Pinterest can all aid in bumping up your online presence and creating a cohesive brand.

9. Stay lean

Just because you’re making more money now, doesn’t mean you need to go back to your old ways. The next time you need to scale up, or make a pivot change in your business you’ll be grateful for your low overhead expenses.

What other methods do you use to keep costs low in your business?  Share in the comments below.

It’s easy to forget that we have access to a virtually limitless resource of information, i.e. the Internet. 25 Killer Websites that Make You Cleverer

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Google Wallet Now Comes With a Debit Card



Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Google’s payments solution known as Google Wallet will let people use debit cards connected to their accounts. It can be used like any normal debit card by withdrawing money from an ATM or purchasing items from a brick and mortar store

The debit card’s seamless integration with Google Wallet allows access to the cash in your bank account and funds in your Wallet account sent by friends. This integration also includes notifications on your phone after spending money using the card

Google Card

According to a report in Businessweek earlier this year, the company has spent around $300 million on the development of Google Wallet, but so far the product has failed to gain the same popularity as some of the company’s other non-search-oriented products such as Gmail and YouTube. Read more…

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Mobile Advertising Reached New Heights In 2013 Thanks To A Flurry Of Deals

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Mobile Advertising Will Reach New Heights In 2013
(Mooreland Partners LLC)

According to Mooreland Partners LLC, an M&A advisory firm that operates primarily in the digital media space, the global mobile advertising market will grow 62% by the end of 2013 to almost $14 billion, as acquirers and investors flock to the market. Mooreland estimates there have been 21 major mergers in 2013 so far. 

Mobile Advertising Graphic Final

Mooreland also points to mobile as being the third-largest advertising format, just behind desktop search and display advertising. 

In general, we feel the same way. In September, we broke down the global mobile advertising market by format, and estimated about 70% growth for a nearly $15 billion market by the end of 2013 on the back of mobile search ads. 

The move forward starts with technological advancements. Mobile ad tech is trending toward programmatic, or automated ad buying, which is transferring the roles ad buyers and sellers to software. It will help agencies more easily navigate the complicated mobile ad space. 

Above all else, mobile advertising is a burgeoning market that is ripe for M&A activity, which will help create some consolidation in a largely fragmented industry, push the industry’s scale forward, and will determine the real leading players in this space. Read >

In other news…

The battle for content heats up between leading connected set-top box device makers. Apple has worked a deal with Yahoo to launch an Apple TV version of Yahoo Screen, Yahoo’s streaming content iOS app, which now gives users access to PBS shows and already has a library filled with Viacom TV content. (9 To 5 Mac)

Roku, on the other hand, has entered a deal with TV streaming company Sling Media to allow Slingbox users to stream their live or recorded TV from Slingbox on a Roku device. This is the first time Sling has expanded its popular streaming software to work with a streaming device. (Mashable)

The updated Twitter mobile app on iOS and Android now places trending TV shows at the top of the “Discover” tab, another sign that the social network is increasing its focus on social TV. (Mashable)

How big is Snapchat really? A source from the photo-sharing app told our own analyst Cooper Smith that it now sends over 400 million “Snaps” per day. (BI Intelligence)

But from a userbase standpoint, no one is really sure, which is why Josh Constine and Alex Wilhelm at TechCrunch took on the challenge of reverse engineering Snapchat’s userbase. (TechCrunch)

But Snapchat’s real size is a bit hard to really gauge, and  the number of “snaps” isn’t a very useful data point, claims John Herman of BuzzFeed. He thinks that we have yet to hear a single useful number from the company that would allow analysts to understand how large it really is, and how much real activity it channels. (BuzzFeed)

React Messenger is a new mobile messaging app that is looking to combine the simplicity and scale of WhatsApp and Viber with the visual appeal of Snapchat. (TechCrunch)

U.S. carrier AT&T is now carrying a $199 smart “watch-phone” called Filip that has been designed for and is aimed at children. For kids, it lets them call and text message their friends. For parents, it doubles as a GPS tracker. (GigaOm) 

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Feds Adjust Safety Rules After Tesla Touts Record-Setting Rating



A U.S. automotive safety agency adjusted its guidelines on how manufacturers may reference safety ratings.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced Wednesday that companies may no longer tout safety ratings with decimal points or ratings above five stars. The policy change comes three months after electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors bragged of an all-time high 5.4-star safety rating for its Model S sedan.

“Our 5-Star Safety Ratings Program serves as one of the most trusted and reliable resources to help the driving public select vehicles based on unbiased safety ratings,” NHTSA Administrator David Strickland said in a statement. Read more…

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Sorry Kanye, Zappos Just Mastered the Mic Drop



Zappos: 1, Kanye: 0

The Las Vegas-based online shoe and clothing store has proven it can take some, um, guff from one of the world’s biggest music stars.

Kanye West — no stranger to bizarre, provocative comments — took aim at Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh during a podcast interview with author Bret Easton Ellis this week. Ellis and West, who are working on a movie together, got on the subject of fashion, and West relayed a story about an encounter with Hsieh

“I got into this giant argument with the head of Zappos that he’s trying to tell me what I need to focus on. Meanwhile, he sells all this sh*t product to everybody, his whole thing is based off of selling sh*t product,” West said in the interview. Read more…

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