Yes, Google Really Is Working On Smart Contact Lenses That Can Monitor Your Body’s Health (GOOG)

Google smart contact lens

The latest fantastical project to come out the Google X lab is a smart contact lens, the company said in a blog post on Thursday.

Word leaked last week that Google was talking to the FDA about a new project involving biosensors.

The lens is being developed specifically to help track blood glucose levels for diabetics, as an alternative to the painful pricking-of-the-finger that diabetics must endure today.

And yes, Google is talking to the FDA about these lenses.

The lens has “chips and sensors so small they look like bits of glitter, and an antenna thinner than a human hair.” Google is hoping to add tiny LED lights to it that could flash if glucose levels aren’t what they should be.

Should this lens ever make it market, we can imagine a time when they could include apps that do all sorts of things. They basically let you put a computer sensor directly into your eye.

The unit working on this, Google X, is the same one that brought us Google Glass, the self driving car, and Internet balloons.

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Cecilia Abadie, California Motorist, Cleared In Google Glass Case

SAN DIEGO (AP) — A San Diego traffic court threw out a citation Thursday against a woman who authorities said was driving while wearing the Google Glass computer-in-eyeglass device.

Commissioner John Blair ruled that Cecilia Abadie was not guilty because the code she was cited for requires proof that the device was in operation. Blair found there was no proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Abadie is believed to be the first motorist cited for wearing Google Glass while driving. She was also found not guilty of speeding.

Abadie, a software developer, is among some 30,000 people called “explorers” who have been selected to try out Google Glass before the technology becomes widely available to the public later this year.

The device on a kind of glass-wear frame features a thumbnail-size transparent display above the right eye.

Abadie was pulled over in October on a San Diego freeway. The California Highway Patrol officer saw she was wearing Google Glass and tacked on a citation usually given to people driving while a video or TV screen is on in the front of their vehicle.

Abadie had pleaded not guilty to both charges in San Diego traffic court. Her attorney William Concidine previously said the device was not activated when she was driving.

The CHP previously declined comment. At the time of Abadie’s citation, the agency said anything that takes a driver’s attention from the road is dangerous.

The lightweight frames are equipped with a hidden camera and tiny display that responds to voice commands. The technology can be used to do things such as check email, learn background about something the wearer is looking at, or to get driving directions.

Legislators in at least three states — Delaware, New Jersey and West Virginia — have introduced bills that would ban driving with Google Glass.

Google’s website contains an advisory for users: “Read up and follow the law. Above all, even when you’re following the law, don’t hurt yourself or others by failing to pay attention to the road.”

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January 17, 2014 at 09:03AM : Sunny

January 17, 2014 at 09:03AM
Today’s weather in HK : Sunny
High of 20C
Low of 13C
Sunrise at January 17, 2014 at 07:05AM
Sunset at January 17, 2014 at 06:02PM
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Humidity 77

Google Glass Driver Found Not Guilty



Cecilia Abadie made history last October when she became the first person in the world to receive any kind of legal sanction for wearing Google Glass. Now she’s made history again — a San Diego court cleared her of the ticket in question.

Abadie was wearing the reality-augmenting eyewear when she was stopped for speeding on the evening of Oct. 29. The California highway patrolman who pulled her over added a second charge to the moving violation: “Driving with monitor visible to driver (Google Glass).”

The officer was on shaky legal ground, however. The only way you can make such a charge stick under the California Vehicle Code is if you can prove that the monitor was actually on. Abadie swears her Google Glass was off; it just happened to be still on her face. Read more…

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10 Amazing Facts About Pixar

Find out what ‘A113′ means and how many Hawaiian shirts John Lasseter owns in 10 amazing facts about Pixar.

Eggs are a protein-packed, nutrient-rich, and affordable breakfast food that can help you get fit and healthy without breaking the bank. Here are 10 amazing facts about eggs you need to know. 10 Amazing Facts About Eggs You Need to Know

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These All Natural Caffeinated Shaving Products Really Give You a Kick

Caffeine is a stimulant that is most commonly found in beverages like soda, coffee, tea and energy drinks. Lately, it is also being added to beauty products such as eye creams, wrinkle creams, concealers, body washes and shampoos. What’s even more surprising is that there is now a new line of all natural shaving products for men and women that also includes caffeine.

Pacific Shaving Company already has a unique line of products available, but their caffeinated shaving cream and after shave really takes the cake. Not only does their shaving cream give you a comfortable, smoother shave, but it’s safe, natural and provides a nice a caffeine kick to boot. Why caffeine? Well, it’s high in antioxidants and helps to reduce skin redness. Make sure to watch around the 1:35 mark for a short lesson on the other benefits of caffeine and why it makes these products even better.

Shaving creams are already meant to help you look better, but Pacific Shaving Company’s caffeinated shaving products will help you feel better as well. If you want to be one of the first to try these products, you can purchase one of their affordable Perks on Indiegogo. Also be sure to share the campaign to help get the word out.

Caffeinated Shaving Products – Pacific Shaving Company | Indiegogo

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A Software Developer Sent Us This Really Cool Idea To Improve Amazon’s Wish List

jeff bezos podium

Amazon is an amazingly convenient way to shop for things. But it’s not perfect. A California software developer came up with great idea to improve the site: add a crowdsourced funding option.

The developer, Jay M., describes his idea as: “Amazon Wish List meets Gift Registry meets Kickstarter.”

Jay M. asked us not to share his full name. But he sent us this open letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos that explains the idea really well.

Mr. Bezos,

I have an idea that I believe would be a great addition to the Amazon shopping and gifting experience.

Imagine Katie, an active girl who loves gadgets. Her job as a freelance writer doesn’t quite allow her to splurge on the new tech toys she’s had her eyes on. She really would like to have a Kindle Fire HDX. No, not the smaller 7” one. She wants the 8.9” one. She tried saving $50 to $75 a month when she could. Funny thing about having cash saved, she would dip into her Kindle Fund when things got tight.

Perhaps, on her birthday next month, someone could gift her the Fire. But no, as generous as her friends and family are, Katie would likely get several fun toys, but not the single one thing she would really like. She certainly didn’t expect any one person to be able to afford to surprise her with a Fire.

I would like to see Amazon implement a Wish List where anyone could make a partial contribution towards making purchases in your store. Think of it as:

Wish List meets Gift Registry meets Kickstarter

Amazon users will be able to select items and for each item, they can provide a “gifting link” which they can share with whomever they choose. On the flip side, anyone with the link can chip in. As soon as total contributions equal the current price of the item, Amazon ships the item…and Happy Birthday, Katie!

Jay M. Bakersfield, CA.

PS: I created a mockup.

Amazon Crowdfunding MockUp

We agree. This would be an awesome service for Amazon to offer.

Amazon is already dabbling with crowdsourced gift giving. A service called Amazon Birthday Gift lets multiple people contribute to a gift card. It will then will post the gift card to the friend’s Facebook page on the person’s birthday.

There are also several startups that offer crowdfunding gift services. Aggregift lets people choose a gift and get multiple people to pay for it.  GivTed lets people crowdfund gift cards, too.

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