Persona Wants to Protect Your Online Reputation



Facebook meltdowns and celebrity Twitter feuds are entertaining from the outside, but they’re much less amusing when your own career is at stake.

A new reputation-management tool called Persona wants to prevent your next social media gaffe. The service monitors your Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts and sends you an email or SMS alert when it identifies potentially offensive material

“You’ve got all these people who are now empowered with technology and networks that didn’t exist several years ago,” Persona founder Lee Sherman tells Mashable“[For] many people, common sense flies out the window when they’re having fun.” Read more…

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Ron Burgundy Sings Campaign Song for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford



Toronto Mayor Rob Ford does not have a bigger fan than “Anchorman’s” Ron Burgundy

In fact, Burgundy wants Ford to be re-elected so much, that he agreed to sing the campaign song for Ford on The Tonight Show with Conan O’ Brien. The tune in question is Loverboy’s “Working For The Weekend,” and you can see Burgundy’s rendition in the video above

It seems that Ford, who has recently had some of his mayoral powers removed due to substance abuse and other misdeeds, has a big fan base among actors and musicians. Yesterday, Chris Daughtry sang a song about Ford on Jimmy Kimmel’s show Read more…

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‘Revolution’ Mid-Season Finale: Aaron Finally Learns Where His Powers Come From (VIDEO)

Aaron’s powers were finally explained on the fall finale of “Revolution.” When he died, he was rebooted by the very nanites that are keeping the power off. Apparently, when Aaron brought the power back on during the Season 1 finale by shutting down the nanites, he also woke them up. The collective machines gained a sort of sentience.

They presented to Aaron in the form of a childhood friend, explaining that he was able to burn people alive because, “You say kill in your head, so we kill.” But then, Aaron rejected the nanites, which seems to have hurt their feelings. They see him like a father, and perhaps choosing a child was representative of the emotional maturity of the machines. After all, they did let his girlfriend die a second time. Granted, Aaron was rude to dismiss them, and then turn around and demand that they help him.

“Here’s where ‘The Terminator’ meets ‘The Matrix’ and things get a little nuts,” wrote Buddy TV’s Bill King. “As it was explained in ‘The Matrix,’ even a computer program with artificial intelligence exhibits signs of self-preservation. So I’m assuming that when he shut them off, they became self-aware and turned back on to save their existence, and true AI was born.”

co-showrunner Rockne S. O’Bannon told TV Line that Aaron and the nanobots will be a big part of the second half of this season. “The nano is one of the most exotic ideas about this world,” he said. “[Aaron is] the perfect front man to lead us into that world. Where the nano takes him upcoming is fascinating and extremely emotional. We’re really going to be putting Aaron through the ringer in that regard.”

“Revolution” returns in 2014 to wrap up its second season on NBC.

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Black Friday: LG G2 $50, S4 mini free from Sprint on-contract

The LG G2 will be available from Sprint for $49.99 on-contract, while the more compact version of Samsung's latest flagship, the Galaxy S4 mini, can be had for free this coming Black Friday weekend.

The S4 mini offer reflects a $50 mail-in rebate, while the LG G2 is a straight $150 discount for new customers or upgrades. Both will be available online and through Sprint's retail…

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10 Tech Things You Need To Know This Morning


It’s almost the end of the week! Ready for some news?

These leaked deposition videos from the Snapchat lawsuit show the CEO saying one person ousted from the company might deserve something for his role in building the app.

Nokia’s new Windows tablet is pretty good if you like Windows 8.

Google now has its own prepaid debit card for Google Wallet.

Microsoft is selling t-shirts that claim Google steals your personal data.

Box appears to be raising $100 million at $2 billion valuation.

Winamp, a popular music player from the early 2000s, will shut down. Did you know the app’s mascot was a llama?

Instagram launched on Windows Phone yesterday, but it’s only in beta and missing a lot of features.

Here’s how Snapchat plans to make money.

Bill Gates will pay scientists $100,000 to build a safer condom.

The Firefox browser is about to get a new look.

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13 Vintage Sewing Patterns That Will Inspire You to Pick Up a Needle



Outside of elaborate Halloween costumes, the sewing machine seems to be falling to the wayside.

We think that’s a darn shame. Just imagine being at your holiday party and not having to worry about someone wearing the same dress as you. Or getting your niece the perfect gift for her and her Barbie.

We combed through some of the dorky yet endearing vintage sewing patterns available on Etsy to help breathe new life into sewing machines everywhere

Take a look at our faves and see if it doesn’t make you want to dust of your old Singer.

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PS4 Buyer’s Guide: How To Pick The Right Games, Add-Ons And Deals

The PS4 is out on 29 November in the UK, and unless you’re tempted by the Xbox One instead you’re probably making your plans about which games, accessories and add-ons to pick up with the machine.

The trouble, as ever, is that there are dozens of different options, and not everything on offer is worth the money.

To help we’ve picked out what we think are the four best launch games, plus the hardware add-ons and services we think will help you make the most of your new Playstation. Not all of them are essentials – bought all at once they would cost more than double the price of the PS4 on its own, and some – like the camera – are unproven. But if you want a decent mix of hardware, games and services to bring home on launch day, this is our ideal shopping list.

Take a look at our buyer’s guide, below.

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