Bank robbery suspect wrote himself a note to ‘act normal’ and ‘take a taxi’


SINGAPORE — As more details emerge after the capture of bank robbery suspect David James Roach, police are starting to piece together a picture of a nervous, inexperienced robber who somehow strode away with S$30,000 ($22,317) after slipping the teller a piece of paper.

That’s right, he robbed a bank without any violence or displaying arms.

Roach, a 27-year-old Canadian who reportedly left Canada last August to travel, has been in headlines here after he allegedly robbed a Standard Chartered bank branch a week ago

A picture of Roach published in the local papers: Read more…

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Indian belly dancer performs to the ‘Game of Thrones’ theme


From floppy disks to dogs, the Game of Thrones theme has been covered in an umpteen number of ways.

An Indian belly dancer has given her own twist to the Game of Thrones theme. In a recent video, Meher Malik performed to a viral cover of the intense theme by fellow Indian percussionist Karan Chitra Deshmukh.

Malik danced to a cover of the theme performed on the tabla, a traditional South Asian percussion instrument. Malik, who has starred in a reality dance show and runs a dance school in Delhi, adapts her movements to the theme’s Indian beats with considerable skill. Read more…

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5 key tips for getting the most out of ‘Pokémon Go’ on your commute


LONDON — The only downsides to Pokémon Go are that a) it’s impossibly addictive and b) you need to invest quite a large chunk of time in it to progress. There are always irritating hurdles like work and family that keep getting in the way of your sweet, sweet Pokémon catching time, so every spare second of the day counts.

If you live in a big city, the commute to work might not seem like a great time to be playing Pokémon Go — but if you happen to catch the train or a bus, you could be in luck.

Ever since I downloaded the game on Monday I’ve been worryingly addicted to it, so on my commute to and from work — which involves a short walk, a half hour train journey and a quick Tube ride — I’ve been trying to find the best way of utilising that time. Sadly the London Underground is pretty much a signal black hole, but the train does have some potential. Read more…

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Cartoonists are sharing emotional tributes to the people of Nice


In the aftermath of Thursday night’s attack in Nice, France, in which a truck drove into the Bastille Day crowds and killed more than 80 people, cartoonists have been taking to social media to pay tribute to the victims.

Throughout Thursday night and Friday morning, illustrations have been widely shared on Twitter and Instagram in solidarity with Nice.

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more…

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After Nice attack, Jo Cox’s husband issues heartfelt appeal on day of her funeral


The husband of Jo Cox, the Labour MP who was fatally shot and stabbed outside her constituency surgery in Yorkshire, has issued a heartfelt appeal on the day of her funeral in the aftermath of the truck attack in Nice in which at least 84 people were killed. 

In a tweet, Brendan Cox said: “Jo would ask us not to fight hate with hate but draw together to drain the swamp that extremism breeds in. Thinking of all victims of hatred today.” 

Cox’s family asked that the funeral service for the Batley and Spen MP will be a private occasion for family and friends only.  Read more…

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‘Pokémon Go’ comes to Spain, Italy and Portugal


It appears that Niantic, the Australia-based developer of mega-popular augmented reality game Pokémon Go, is ramping up the game’s global rollout. 

After the game’s initial launch in Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. on July 6, global launch was halted due to overwhelming demand. This week, the game started trickling into the larger European markets, starting with Germany on Wednesday and the UK on Thursday. 

On Friday, Niantic announced the game is now also available in Italy, Portugal and Spain. 

Trainer-hopefuls in those countries can get Pokémon Go for both iPhone and Android in their respective App/Play stores.  Read more…

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Studio Ghibli finally answers our questions about ‘Spirited Away’


Famed Japanese production house Studio Ghibli released “Spirited Away” in 2001, and has captured the hearts of both the young and old around the globe.

Till this day, fans continue to praise the animated fantasy film for its imaginative and touching storyline, but fans continue to debate its underlying message.

A Japanese fan of the Hayao Miyazaki film finally decided to write in to the studio asking the same questions that we’ve had for years, and to her surprise got a reply — just days before the film celebrates its 15th anniversary. Read more…

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